Dreaming of Dylan: dream a little dream of him

Hello dear Fans, Friends, Familiars, Foreigners, Futurists, Fatalists and Funlovers: I just love a little alliteration, or a lot. Is it fall yet? Well, it’s trying. I sometimes prefer the word “autumn”. It reminds me of old songs. And then there’s “autumnal”. What a great word. Go ahead, say it out loud. I’ll wait.… There, […]

The bench that keeps on giving!

Hello my friends! Can there still be more Beulah? Yes! In fact, we might just be getting started. That was a mighty deep bench! So happy to present this 4 minute trailer for the Songs of Beulah Rowley album, telling a bit more about her life.  I want her life and music to be immortalized in […]

Is It Too Late to Say “Happy New Year!”?

“Creating something new is an act of defiance in the face of destruction.” —Marie Smith. Music, Music Therapy, and Trauma That sums it up for me. My credo. Whether we’re talking about disturbing interpersonal dynamics, international terrorism, or political mayhem, there’s nothing like creating something new. It really does validate your existence: “Here I am. […]


I just love a new season, and fall is my fave. And with this new season, I have a new website, new music! No new back-to-school clothes yet, but there’s time. It’s also the beginning of what I intend to be a long and fruitful Beulah season, not tied to any calendar anywhere. For those […]