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Fan Letters

Mary Lee...You nailed it!!!  Just got the blood on the tracks cd last week.  It's all I've been listening too for days now.  As a long-time Dylan fan...I have to say this is absolutely the best cover album of Dylan's work I have to date.  Needless to say, I'm now a MLC fan as well.  A sincere THANK YOU for your outstanding and timeless interpretation of this classic.


Hi Mary,

Witnessed your somewhat impromptu performance at Bush Hall (London) in support of Thea Gilmore on 11th Feb '04. Let me simply say that I'm generally not great with names, especially names of support acts at gigs... so the fact that yours is clearly etched in my mind a whole 24hrs later is a very positive sign. I honestly thoroughly enjoyed your performance and I think it's safe to say that reflects the general consensus of opinion on the night - based on the fabulous reception you got! Loved the Dylan cover of 'Lonesome' but also found myself captivated by your own material... particularly your thought-provoking lyrics and your lovely sense of humour. I feel it will be difficult to prevent spontaneous outbursts of "What's the status with Gladys?" for months to come. You made a valuable contribution to a No.1 gig!! Many thanks - hope to see you again in the not-too-distant future.

All the best


Mary Lee,

I'm the guy who came up to you after the Boston show, (who asked you to the autograph 700 miles to the whole family including the dog (melvis)) Well, on our way home from the show we popped on the discs and was blown away. Your original songs are moving and powerful, and to take on a classic like Blood on the Tracks and make it your owm was a masterstroke. Not only did it gobs of courage, you knocked it out of the park. I also realize although you and Joe Jackson are different styles, you both deliver songs with passion and conviction. (it's what brought me to see Joe to begin with) Anyways, I thought I'd let you know the last two times I spoke to an opening act they both went onto stardom. One was kd lang who I saw in a club half the size of the paradise. The second was Sue Tedeschi. I hope it goes three in a row...

Keep the music coming! Break it Open. You are truly a gifted song writer, and performer. (we did travel some 60 miles for the show, not quite 700..) George in Boston

Mary Lee,

Hi. Just wanted to say that my husband and I attended the JJ concert here in Chicago 3/30 and were truly impressed by your band. We kept looking at each other to check out our reactions, which were compatibly, "How cool is this?" But not just for us: The buzz all around us there in the front row at the Vic was similar, "Damn she's good"-type commentary, and I just thought you'd like to know you have many new fans. We love your sound, and are so grateful for songwriting that is the polar opposite of "more stupider", for having ignored some very absurd "constructive criticism."

We look forward to you and the band returning to Chicago sometime soon on your own, Superstar. Keep us posted!

Best wishes, Janine& Brian

Hello Mary Lee !

I saw your hamburg concert as opening act for joe jackson ! I was very delighted about your songs, and found you directly sympathetic! Also i bought a new cd at your merchandise stand,wich you signed for me! Thank you for all that and i hope you´ll have more success with your music in europe. all the best, roland/germany

hi there mary lee

i wanna to thank ya for the wonderfull music.. thanx

this was the first time i had eva hear about ya and ya music isnt that silly ...thanx haha ya really impressed me with ya music even after the concert of joe jackson we were talkin about ya pitty i hadnt have money to buy a cd or something of ya next time i see ya are comin back again in holland on ya website hopefully i can go there if not i try to orden the cd somewhere cool

thanx for the music and ya wonderfull voice thanx thanx thanx

greetings from william from groningen thanx again

Just a note to say thank you for an entertaining set when you played in
Shepherds bush London ,really enjoyed the evening ,and as for your
band, superb especially the drummer,his percussion was brilliant ', so
impressed by the three of you I bought the album,listening to it at
04.00 the next morning driving to work,what a lovely way to wake up.

Look forward to your return to London,best wishes for the future.


p.s. love the diary reports of your Grandmother

I just bought your 700 Miles cd and really like it. I had only heard you once or twice on WFUV in New York and immediately liked you. I haven't even digested the whole album but felt compelled to write. So far my favorites are Out From Under It and All The Rage, but I like every song and have to listen a little more. All The Rage is just outstanding...I find it moving...and your voice is so good! I think it's one of the best songs I've heard in a long time. The strings are really nice too. Just a beautifully written and performed song.

I can't wait to hear more.

Tenafly, NJ

I would just like to say how much I enjoyed the show in London supporting Joe Jackson. Having seen your shows before both accoustically, with a full band and now a three peice I knew that it would be enjoyable and true to form yet again you managed to keep a large crowd very quiete and attentive. I have seen countless times before support acts (and much bigger names in the UK) fail to do so in front of someone elses audience. But Never Mary Lees Corvette!!!! Good to hear the new stuff , More Stupid and the Nothing Song alongside such older material like Status with Gladys.


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Blood On the Tracks

Blood On the Tracks
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