Time for a new year

Healing moves you through the turmoil, the regular assault on your being, to move past that which is preventing you from being all that you are meant to be, to knowing that you belong here. Your very existence is good and necessary. Cyndi Jones New York Times 12/24/18 

Here it is again, the time when we reflect on the year that’s passed, maybe on our whole past, and have hope for the new year. I’m remembering the moment years ago when I realized how angry I was that I couldn’t control time….

Belongingness Thwarted, Belongingness Fulfilled.

I just wanted to be one of them.”    — Opening line of the new film “The Gates of Eternity,” spoken by Willem Dafoe as Vincent Van Gogh

I’m one of those people who has a great need to feel like I belong. “Who doesn’t?” would be a logical response. With tribalism, gang culture and assorted other group phenomena getting a lot of attention in the last few years, there’s been a lot of focus on just how essential this is to human beings. I know, tell that to Ted Kaczynski or J.D. Salinger or Garbo. (Hmmmm…all…

“I told Guillermo I’d go to China.”

I’m one of those people who has trouble getting out of her comfort zone. It must not appear that way though because I get called “brave” a lot. I’m not sure what people are perceiving when they say that. I always thought of myself as playing it safe. I had a regular job for quite a long time—although I came to New York City to do it—before going full time into music. My dad always said, “You have to have health insurance. You have to work for a company that gives you health insurance,” even though he never did…

In and out of the game, and in again

Among my observations of myself is this: I have have a capacity for both incredible persistence and quick surrender. I would not expect these things to co-exist in a person. Shouldn’t they at least cancel each other out? But perhaps that’s just simple math and doesn’t apply to people.

I started a book project years ago (more than I want to admit at this moment). I thought it was a great idea. An author/poet friend who I respect tremendously told me she could see it on the best seller list. I agreed. I was encouraged and did quite a bit…

Going home again

I was one of those people who had to reject where they came from. Why, I’m not exactly sure. If pressed to guess, I might say “to escape traumatic memories.” Or maybe I just didn’t identify with Michigan, much like people who feel they were born into the wrong body. 

I left as soon as I could—right after college—to “climb the highest mountain” as I liked to put it, that mountain being New York City. I wanted to be a singer and a book editor, two things that didn’t exactly offer convergent career paths. And two things that certainly…

Aretha and me

I was living in my dream home: a studio apartment at 24 Cornelia Street, the heart of Greenwich Village. Moving here from small-town Michigan, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Smack dab in the middle of the universe, according to me. Visions of Ruth McKenney’s “My Sister Eileen” romped through my brain. A somewhat unfamiliar reference to most, I suspect, since the book and movie are from 1942. But I had a connection. I’m actually related to Ruth McKenney. It’s distant, through some cousin chain, but it was something I bragged about nonetheless and used to…

Dreaming of Dylan: dream a little dream of him

Hello dear Fans, Friends, Familiars, Foreigners, Futurists, Fatalists and Funlovers:

I just love a little alliteration, or a lot.

Is it fall yet? Well, it’s trying. I sometimes prefer the word “autumn”. It reminds me of old songs. And then there’s “autumnal”. What a great word. Go ahead, say it out loud. I’ll wait.… There, doesn’t it feel good?

I go on a bit because it’s my favorite season. It’s taking its time this year, but that feeling of reinvigoration when the morning air starts to take on a…

The bench that keeps on giving!

Hello my friends!

Can there still be more Beulah? Yes! In fact, we might just be getting started. That was a mighty deep bench!

So happy to present this 4 minute trailer for the Songs of Beulah Rowley album, telling a bit more about her life.  I want her life and music to be immortalized in film. This is a step in that direction. We’re getting a great reaction! Please like, comment, all that stuff.


Bon weekend wherever you are.





Is It Too Late to Say “Happy New Year!”?

“Creating something new is an act of defiance in the face of destruction.”

—Marie Smith. Music, Music Therapy, and Trauma

That sums it up for me. My credo. Whether we’re talking about disturbing interpersonal dynamics, international terrorism, or political mayhem, there’s nothing like creating something new. It really does validate your existence: “Here I am. Look what I just created. You can’t stop me.”

Some people identify themselves as creative. Others claim not to be and/or get intimidated by the word. But we all create. It doesn’t have to be an act of poetry or art or music. And it doesn’t have…


I just love a new season, and fall is my fave. And with this new season, I have a new website, new music! No new back-to-school clothes yet, but there’s time.

It’s also the beginning of what I intend to be a long and fruitful Beulah season, not tied to any calendar anywhere. For those of you who’ve known me for a while, you’re well aware of my Beulah Rowley project. The album has just been completed—produced by Hal Willner—and it’s her time to shine. It’s not commercially available yet, but for you, my fans, friends and family, it’s available…