• Blood on the Tracks Reissue

    Blood on the Tracks Reissue

    A brilliant re-working of the Bob Dylan classic 70’s album, hailed with four stars from Rolling Stone for its “quietly direct magnificence”. Atlantic Monthly calls Mary Lee Kortes “one of those rare singers with a noticeable personality and all the traditional qualities of a great voice”. This is a reissue of the original recording with some snazzy new packaging.

    $14.95 ea. Click to listen
  • The Songs of Beulah Rowley

    The Songs of Beulah Rowley

    18 Folk-rock tracks based on fictional character Beulah Rowley, a regionally known   depression-era singer and songwriter from the Midwest.

    $17.95 ea. Click to listen
  • Love Loss & Lunacy

    Love Loss & Lunacy

    Mary Lee’s fifth CD, features twelve new compositions that maintain her trademark classic pop sensibility and resonant lyrical insight, while introducing a raw electric edge.

    $14.95 ea. Click to listen
  • 700 Miles

    700 Miles

    This is an album about journey, transformation and freedom – the freedom to be who you really are. I hope you enjoy the trip…. Mary Lee Kortes

    $14.95 ea. Click to listen
  • True Lovers of Adventure

    True Lovers of Adventure

    Take the adventure, grab hold of Mary Lee’s Corvette and watch her music take hold of you. It’s for True Lovers of Adventure only.

    $14.95 ea. Click to listen
  • Mary Lee’s Corvette

    Mary Lee’s Corvette

    It’s not every artist who can put out a low-budget, direct-to-two-track debut CD and land on the 1997 Top 10 list of the editor-in-chief of Billboard magazine. But that’s exactly what Mary Lee’s Corvette did.

    $14.95 ea. Click to listen


  • Mary Lee’s Corvette

    Mary Lee’s Corvette

    Yellow high quality 100% pre-shrunk cotton.


    $14.95 ea.

    X Large

    $14.95 ea.

    Close Up
  • Women’s cut

    Women’s cut

    Black high quality 100% pre-shrunk cotton.


    $19.95 ea.

    Close Up

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Fan Letters

Well, this is odd. I don't write fan mail or fawn over artists. I'm simply a forty-six year-old male living in Birmingham, Alabama who loves great music and is always looking for something new. I discovered your new album online, ordered it after hearing some audio samples and all I can say is "Wow" and "Thank you!"

While I love your voice, the musicians and the production, I'm really knocked out by your songwriting. The songs are so delightfully pop yet have an edge to them. They're fun and serious at the same time. The cd merits many listens and each time I discover something new.

Mark Schreiber
Birmingham, Alabama

hi there mary lee. i wanna thank ya for the wonderfull music.. thanx this was the first time i had eva hear about ya and ya music isnt that silly ...thanx haha ya really impressed me with ya music even after the concert of joe jackson we were talkin about ya pitty i hadnt have money to buy a cd or something of ya next time i see ya are comin back again in holland on ya website hopefully i can go there if not i try to orden the cd somewhere cool thanx for the music and ya wonderfull voice thanx thanx thanx

greetings from william from groningen thanx again